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CalZone Music & Sound

Cal Reichenbach

composer & sound designer

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"It's making my nipples tingle!  ...You are one talented bloke. Your song, one of the few optimal moments in our show's history." 

Roger Bennett  (NBCSN's "Men in Blazers", Documentary Filmmaker)

"He's the 'Bach' of GFOP composers"

- Michael Davies  (NBCSN's "Men in Blazers",  Embassy Row CEO)

Your '2001' theme cover is simply cool AF"

-Jerry Davis (EPIC MUSIC LA, FOX Sports)  

"Yes!!!  You nailed it again!!!"

- Rowan Brooks  (Director, Evolve Media)

"Cal went above and beyond in creating an Afro-Brazilian flavored soundtrack for our Pele: King of Football app. His infectious grooves enhanced gameplay, and their progression from regional samba and bossa styles into fusions with electronica and hip hop enriched the game's narrative arc from favela field up to World Cup stadium. On time, flexible and willing to go the extra mile, Cal’s music made a good gaming experience great."

- Carlson Bull  (Creative Director/Founder, Bully! Entertainment)

"My company, PILOT has had the great pleasure of working with Cal on a number of projects for national cable channels including FX, AMC and CMT. For us, Cal is much more than a guitarist or producer of music. He's an idea person: someone who always contributes to the overall project, not only the musical production side. His input sparked writing and production ideas and his musical ideas were unique and inspired. His musicianship is always first rate but what is rare is his ability to be flexible about style and content.


Cal is always willing to work within our budgets--wildly varied as they often are in television, always works within our timeline, and, perhaps most importantly, always works with a smile. It's not easy to find creative people who can adapt their gifts to the demands of projects with varied and discrete deliverables across multiple platforms, but Cal has been great in this capacity.


His work is articulate, thoughtful, and incisive. Cal's raw passion for music production and sound design along with the passion of his discourse makes him invaluable in conversations about creative.


The sum of Cal's experiences, talent, passion, perspective, intelligence, knowledge, and his enormously generous spirit and unassailable character make him a fresh, original voice in the field of music production and sound design."

- Louis Venezia (Owner/Executive Creative Officer, PILOT & CoPILOT PICTURES)

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